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The Mercury in Hindu Mythology

Mercury is the son of the Moon. Moon conquered the three worlds and performed the Rajsu yagna, the sacrifice which gives lordship. Many gods and goddesses served him; having achieved this glory he became arrogant. The Moon was the chief disciple of Jupiter, the guru of the celestial, and was also the favorite of Tara, Jupiter’s wife, who was attracted to him by his character and beauty.

Once when Jupiter was away Tara and Moon eloped. Jupiter returned home, found his wife gone, soon discovered her whereabouts, and several times sent messages to the Moon requesting his wife’s return. The Moon, however, repeatedly refused to comply with these requests, maintaining that Tara had accompanied him of her own accord and would leave only when she was satiated with him. These replies so infuriated Jupiter that he communicated them to his disciple Indra, the chief of gods who sent an ultimatum to the Moon.

When Moon refused to yield again, Indra began a war. Venus and the asuras (demonic celestial) took the side of Moon in this war, because of the ongoing enmity between Jupiter and Venus, while Lord Shiva, took the side of the devas. The war dragged on so long that the Great Rishis began to fear that the end of the world was near. Brahma asked Moon to return Tara. This the Moon did, but he returned her pregnant.

When Jupiter learned of this he was furious, and asked her for abortion. Tara had to do that but the baby which was a boy survived and he was radiant like gold. Seeing the child’s splendor both Jupiter and Moon hankered after him, and both claimed paternity, demanding that Tara declare the true father’s name. Tara was too embarrassed to speak. Finally, when Brahma questioned her in private she admitted that the Moon was the father of that wonderful child, who was the planet Mercury.

Positive key words for Mercury: Brilliance, Alertness, Articulateness, Versatility & Dexterity. 
Negative key words for Mercury: Skepticism, Nosiness, Indecision, Criticalness & Restlessness.

Body parts, function and diseases governed by Mercury
Mercury rules the nervous system, and as such its placement in a natal chart indicates all mental and nerve related problems nervousness, tension and the inability to relax. The messenger of the gods, it is also the messenger of the nervous system, relaying split second commands throughout the body. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, all the diseases governed by these two signs are automatically governed by Mercury. It rules all the tubing in the body, the channels through which blood, hormones, enzymes and oxygen move. Mercury partially rule the hormones dispensed by the glands in the body. Mercury is involved with the splitting up action and the pancreatic breakdown of sugar into glucose the amount of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach. This malfunction causes all digestion related problems such as colitis, flatulence, heartburn, diarrhea etc. Mercury is also closely associated with the thyroid, along with its co ruler Taurus. Mercury also rules the Thiamine or vitamin B-1.

Professions governed by Mercury
Mercury is a planet of communication, reasoning, knowledge, travelling, education and all business especially trading related, it thus governs all profession related to these. Any profession or employment that requires or is related to memory, intellect, writing, communication, travelling and trade and commerce is governed by Mercury. It governs profession and career related to any kind of publicity, advertising, propaganda services, telegraph, telephone, astrologers, clerks, accountants, auditors, translators, mathematician, brokers, teachers, lecturers, authors, journalists, editors, writers, interpreters, secretaries, messengers, post office personnel, salesmen, publishers, printers, drivers of bus, cabs and trains etc.

It is a neutral planet and therefore, changes according to its placement in sign and house. Being nearest to Sun, mercury is restless and this makes is quick changing and fickle. It has adverse effects when conjuncts with Mars and make the person nervous and insecure. It rules education, writers, businessman, intestines, lungs and nervous system.

This is a planet of logic and therefore, possessing a powerful Mercury indicates good reasoning ability and grasping power. Though both Jupiter and Mercury represent the human intelligence, Mercury indicates somewhat immature side of intelligence, compared to mature one of Jupiter. It is a dual-natured planet and owns the dual natured signs, Virgo and Gemini. It rules all means of communication and inter-mediation. Since it is a planet of scientific inquiry, all kinds of scientific researches are also governed by Mercury. Besides it also indicates professions like brokers, dealers etc. It rules means of communication, therefore telephone and telegraphs, e-mail, courier and post etc. are governed by Mercury.

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