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The Mars in Hindu Mythology
Daksha, the king of entire earth once organized the greatest yagna and invited all gods, demigods, sages, and other famous personalities. He however did not invite Lord Shiva, his own son-in-law. When Sati, Lord Shiva’s wife heard about this yagna she left to attend it inspite her husband’s objections, but when she arrived there her father Daksha insulted Shiva. This was unbearable for Sati and she gave up her life.

On hearing the events that had taken place at Daksha’s yagna, Lord Shiva’s wrath reached its boiling point and in rage he pulled a hair from his matted locks and threw it on the ground and it became a fiery being of unequal strength with many heads and eyes, and thousands arms and legs. His mare sight was enough to strike unparallel fear in strongest of hearts. Lord Shiva named him Virabhadra and commanded him to destroy Daksha and his yagna and anyone who tries to stop him.

Virabhadra with Shiva’s army of spirits and goblins reached the venue of the yagna and seeing him and his army all started to run in different directions to save themselves. Virabhadra destroyed Daksha’s sacrifice, and then killed Daksha. Virabhadra returned to Shiva who was extremely pleased with him, and granted him a permanent place in the heavens as a planet and named him Angaraka (Mars), the fiercest of planets. As Lord Shiva directly produced Mars or Angaraka’s, he is naturally referred as son of Lord Shiva just like his other son Karttikeya and it is said that those afflicted by Mars should worship Karttikeya.

Basic Astrological facts about Mars
Gender of Mars: Masculine.
Mars is the karaka or significator of: Strength and Power.
Mars as relationship signifies: Siblings.
Planetary cabinet status of Mars: Army Commander.
Temperament of Mars: Violent, Angry and Rash.
Element governed by Mars: Agni or Fire.
Primary quality or guna of Mars: Tamo Guna or Dull or Ignorant.
Caste of the Mars: Kshatriya or Warrior.
Nature of Mars: Malefic.
Directional strength of Mars: In the Tenth House.
Directional weakness of Mars: In the Fourth House.Mars rules the zodiacal Sign: Aries and Scorpio.
Mars rules the zodiacal House: Natural astrological First and Eight houses.
Sign of exaltation of Mars: Capricorn.
Sign of debilitation of Mars: Cancer.
Determent or weak sign of Mars: Libra.
Mars’s friends are: Sun, Moon and Jupiter.
Mars’s enemy is: Mercury.
Mars is neutral with: Venus and Saturn.
Mars’s Vimshottari Dasha period: Seven Years.
Nakshatras or Lunar mansions governed by Mars areMrigashiraChitra and Dhanishta.Body part governed by Mars: The Chest.
Day of the week governed by Mars: Tuesday.
Direction ruled by Mars: East.
Season governed by Mars: Grishma or Summer season.
Metals governed by Mars: Copper.
Gemstone governed by Mars: Red Coral.
Substitute gemstones governed by Mars: Bloodstone.
Colors ruled by Mars: Blood Red.
Food and flavors governed by Mars: Things of bitter taste.
Geometrical shape governed by Mars: Hourglass.
Numbers as per Numerology governed by Mars: 9, 18, 27, 36 and all those that adds up to nine, are governed by it.Positive key words for Mars: Courage, Energy, Activity, Initiative, & Originality.
Negative key words for Mars: Arrogant, Aggressive, Headstrong, Selfish & Impulsive.

Body parts, function and diseases governed Mars
Mars is associated with our physical and energy levels It is the natural significator of muscles, without Mars one cannot move a muscle and it is the energizer and stimulator of all aspects of our bodies. In terms of body parts and health problems Mars signifies head and reproductive organs due to its ownership of Aries and Scorpio, the natural first and eight houses of the zodiac. It governs muscular system, adrenal and prostate gland, blood – specifically red blood cells and thus signifies any disease related to blood disorders, such as anemia, blood poisoning etc. Any type of blows, cuts, accident, wounds and surgery are signified by Mars. Headaches including migraine headaches, brain fevers and any type of inflammation, high fever and rapid temperature increases are also governed by Mars. As Mars also rules over the reproductive system it governs most diseases related to them like hemorrhoids, piles, diseases of the reproductive system, bladder, and venereal diseases. If Mars is well placed and aspected then one can quickly bounce back from sickness and have good recuperating powers and stamina.

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Professions governed by the Mars
People working in departments or trade related to police, army, firemen, security guards, weapons, ordnance, firearms, ammunition, artillery, inflammable substance and anything that is volatile, needs physical power including any fast, active and contact sports. Surgeons, radiologists, pathologist, technicians, mechanics and repair workers of any kind of machine, electronics and electrical systems, construction workers, iron and steel workers, butchers and barbers. Manufacturer or traders in acids, metal melting industries, furnaces etc.

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