Sun & Saturn Conjunction

Sun-Saturn, particularly in a conjunction, square or opposition aspect, can have some difficulty seeing around the bend, or feeling like you have enough flexibility to make the turn. You may have the sensation of some external pressure on you, and with Saturn it’s often in the form of some authority (boss, government, time pressure).

There is an element of illusion to this, or perhaps a point of exaggeration. I am not saying that your situation is not real, but I am saying that it may feel worse than it is, and since feeling is what we humans register first, I just want to keep that up front. Yes you have to focus on keeping time, and being on time, but time is a space to work within, rather than a thing that is merely closing in.

In the best case scenario, indeed, no matter what, the message of Sun-Saturn is get it done. Get done whatever you feel you need to get done. The Sun late in a sign is urging completion and closure; Sun-Saturn, challenging though it may be, is offering you some strength, a structure to work in, and an island somewhere accessible on the emotional sea.

Given the whole gestalt, there are two things to keep an eye on. One is motivation. You must keep yourself motivated, preferably by something other than fear. It might be the future reward of having a clear desk and a clear mind.

The other is that you must be your own boss. You are the one who must be accountable to yourself, and by extension, either accountable to others or having no need to be so. The essence of the Saturn principle is take over your life. Stand up in your own skeleton. When someone manifests as a shadow-parent, end the discussion politely and take over that responsibility. It’s not about them — it’s about you.

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