It’s Moonday! Let’s Talk About Weak Moon In A Horoscope



Moon represents our mind and when mind is weak, everything goes for a toss!

Numerous scenarios in a horoscope indicate weak moon and when moon is vulnerable in a birth chart, native will be seen experiencing the following problems-

  1. Confusion and Indecisiveness – Moon is the fastest moving heavenly body in our solar system and its influence ensures high movement in one’s thought process. Wavering mind is one of the negative effects of a weak moon. It hampers the decision making ability and native stays in the state of confusion. He may find it difficult to stick to his decisions, since he keeps changing his mind more often.
  2. Reduced emotional intelligence – Moon represents our emotions and its affliction can result in emotional imbalance further causing mental and emotional issues such as anxiety, stress, cowardliness, confused state of mind etc.
  3. Problem in the area of mother– Moon represents mother and mother is considered as a source of love who fulfills our emotional needs and offers mental strength. Weak moon indicates some problem in the space of mother.
  4. Negative attitude and approach– A weak moon in the birth chart offers pessimism to native. Person with a weak moon may have low confidence, low self-esteem and he might struggle to secure optimism in life. A lot of people think negative before starting any job/task and that is seen as one of the most common effects of a weak moon. Person with a weak moon finds difficult to overcome negative thoughts and negative approach in life.
  5. Water related diseases – Water is the element of moon, and a weak moon can make native sensitive towards diseases that happen through water such as TB, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea etc.

Role of Mars As Per Astrology


  • Mars represents warrior and warrior believes in taking action to win the situation. So the major attribute which Mars represents is a fighting capability to overcome the hurdles in life.
  • Mars is not lazy in nature since mars represents muscle in the body. Development of muscle in our body accounts to physical fitness and strength as muscle stores energy. The very reason, why we perform the remedies for Mars in the name of lord Hanuman is that Lord Hanuman represents most of the attributes of the planet Mars. From fearlessness, warrior qualities to a strong bodily constitution and straight forwardness, Lord Hanuman contains all these qualities of Mars. He is said to have been born on Tuesday as well. “Mangal ko Janme, Mangal hi karte, Mangal main bhagwan”.
  • Mars represents blood and if Mars is afflicted and getting weak in a chart, person is prone to blood related issues in any form.
  • Mars represents sexual energy in a person since it represents all the active forms of energy and sexual energy is not passive in nature, it is the most active forms of energy. Mars is a pure male form of energy which believes in straightforwardness, winning the situations, taking action along with representing sexual drive and stamina.
  • Mars represents adventure and sports. Reason- because the one who is not fearful will be interested in taking part in adventure and the person who is physically fit wishes to flirt with his energy in the form of sports.
  • Mars is considered good for professional matters, if it is well placed in a chart. Strong Mars is capable of making person a good enterpreneur, journalist, sports person etc. One special quality of a good placement of Mars is that a person with good Mars believes in converting his ideas quickly without wasting a time.
  • It also represents cruel intention, killing instinct in a person and a mind to perform bad deeds. In short Mars makes one strongheaded as well as hotheaded. What effect it is casting upon a person will depend on his placement of Mars.