Astrology can help you in analysing your twin flame journey!


There are thousands of articles on twin flame flooding all over the internet, however we have heap of mental trinklets when it comes to recognizing the one. Astrology is one of the few sciences which can help you in discovering and identifying your twin flame. But first, let us understand everything from the beginning about the phenomenon of twin flame and then will move to the angle of astrology in your twin flame journey.

What happens when you are in the process of meeting your twin flame?

Whenever you are ready to meet your twin flame the Universe will show you signs that perfect love is possible after all. Karmic relationships with devastating ends that taught you hard lessons will make you desire the one who’s meant for you.

You see someone sharing a similar thought process

Coincidences will surround the first meeting between two twin souls and it will be unexpected and unusual, where and how you meet. You will recognize each other at a soul level and will be stunned by how similar your likes and dislikes are. It’s like looking at a reflection of you. You may not belong to the same age group, same city, or culture but you will notice how uncannily similar your major life events are. The meeting will help you heal and accelerate the process of spiritual enlightenment.

Intensity of feeling the love and falling into it.

The initial attraction is an all-consuming one and the joy of meeting your twin will make you feel ecstatic. You feel happier than ever before and become aware of yourself. You will try to resist this bond by trying to rationalize it in your head, but you will fall anyway hook, line and sinker.

The bond develops at a very fast rate and you feel like you have known this person all your life and you finish each other’s sentences and are even able to know what the other is thinking on a sub conscious level. There is no place for lies or deception in this relationship, as there’s nothing in the world you can hide from your twin. You will find yourself sharing a part of you that you have never in your wildest dreams thought you’d share with anyone.

A period of Separation

If one or both twins have not resolved their Karma yet, a period of separation is possible. One of them will become the runner and one will be the chaser. In most cases, it is the man who runs and the woman who chases. But there are instances of women running away from such a bond too. The intensity is unbearable and the process of cleansing is a painful one. The runner knows he loves her deeply, but he still decides to run for reasons unknown to him. Not all are spiritually enlightened enough to understand what’s happening to them and why their life comes to a stop upon meeting this person who seems to be always in the back of their mind. Even when you try to keep yourself distracted, you never stop feeling the connection with your twin.

This is a very painful phase at the human level. The chaser is heartbroken and cannot believe that the runner has left her alone and walked away from such a perfect relationship. She tries to make sense of his behavior but she finds no answer. She runs after him and tries to make him see how perfect life can be, but it’s all in vain. The more she tries to win him back, the further away he will run from her. He never stops loving her, not even for a moment, but doubts will creep in and he fears the loss above all. He worries about the eventual heartbreak and runs away to experience what he has known as normalcy all his life. During this phase, he may even try to forget her by forming new bonds with other people but in the end, nothing will satisfy him as deeply as the passionate and unconditional love of his twin.

The running continues for a long time and may even last years or the reunion may not happen in this lifetime. It all depends upon how soon both these twins resolve their individual karma by letting go of past residue.

Coming together again, and this time bond looks more real and mature

Very rarely, twin flames do meet in the physical plane and this is when they decide to get married and start their life together to achieve a higher purpose. Twin souls are said to have taken birth to work for some higher cause and there’s more to this relationship than the fairytale romance. Both partners have to be spiritually enlightened in order to meet in this lifetime.

Eternal love and spiritual connection

Those who do meet their twin soul can experience love in its most glorious form. It’s sacred and it’s the kind that never fades. You understand each other on all levels. Your physical chemistry with your twin is unmatched by anything you have ever experienced before. You may experience a Kundalini awakening when you make love to your twin, and your heart chakra will open up and this is only the beginning of eternal bliss.

Analyse your twin flame relationship and journey with astrological readings

Planets influence the journey of twin flame, and because of which you meet your twin flame in the very period which is decided by the Universe. You even fall in love and face separation sometimes because of certain planetary movements. Astrology can guide you by analysing the weight of your Karma and help you with appropriate solutions which can facilitate your dream of meeting your better half. Find assitance for twin-flame readings here!

Keep Calm, it’s Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde December 2017

Mercury stations retrograde on December 3, 2017 at 29°18′ Sagittarius. Mercury aligns with an esoteric star in Constellation Draco the Dragon. However, the strongest influence is a conjunction to Saturn. This is generally a challenging influence but positive aspects to Mars and Uranus will make Saturn less restrictive and more expressive.

Mercury conjunct Saturn brings critical thinking which is best applied to serious or challenging mental work. Without a productive outlook for your intellect, your mind may dwell on negatives. Such negative thinking can lead to depression and difficulties communication. Harsh or critical words can cause relationships problems like coldness, isolation or rejection.

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Mercury retrograde compounds the problem of negative thinking. There is a feel of a difficult Mercury–Saturn aspect about Mercury retrograde. Therefore, Mercury retrograde 2017 conjunct Saturn means darker thoughts, a morbid outlook and melancholy. It makes communication more difficult because of abruptness, nasty words and arguments.

The key to dealing with this heaviness is positive thinking and keeping your mind busy. When dealing with others it is more important than ever to listen carefully and think twice before speaking. What you may think is friendly teasing will likely be hurtful to others. A simple multiplication error or spelling mistake could have serious consequences.

It is important to show respect, especially for authority, tradition and your ancestors. Retrograde motion and Saturn are both associated with the past. This means you can use your memories and experience to solve problems and find practical applications for your ideas. This is a good for past life regression, passing on your knowledge, paying back or collecting old debts, writing your will and for handing down family heirlooms.

Mercury retrograde December 2017 conjunct Saturn will also make other general Mercury retrograde problems worse, especially transport problems such as travel delays and restrictions. Communication and technology breakdowns could range from losing your cell phone to massive internet hacks and interruptions in satellite transmissions.To know more, click here!

Beautiful Reality of Ketu

The shadow planet Ketu has been trying to tell us many things. It keeps telling us everyday that we need to liberate ourselves and rise above the materialistic aspect of this matrix. However we are so much inclined towards fulfilling wordly desires, that we fail to realise that every second we are getting close to death and refusing to grow spiritually. Ketu with strong placement in the chart introduces native to the true purpose of life in the early age.  Because of this a person with positive placement of Ketu tends to waste less time in experiencing materialistic facet of the world and chooses to utilise this birth for spiritual transformation.

Ketu is all about making terms with the reality of life!

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Reality is hard to digest and when Ketu pokes us during its period we feel lost, detached and begin to seek peace and don’t feel like chasing wordly things. Ketu tries to indicate during its dashas that we need to work on our portions of Karma .  It compels us towards getting close to the state of nothingness and experience the energy which liberates us from our Karmic cycle.

 Person going through the period of Ketu begins to feel everything from depth, which helps improving  the emotional connectivity with real things. Distractions, drama and superficial things will not interest native with strong Ketu, which is why people with positive aspect of Ketu in their charts are usually mocked in their arena in the first half, for carrying a simple and straightforward approach in life. This part gets equipped with introspection and struggle of understanding thoughts and one’s own personality. In the later part, these folks understand that they are on the right track and are blessed with a vision which will enhance their overall spiritual progress.

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Remedies for Ketu to be performed if Ketu is not well placed in the horoscope


  • Worshiping of Lord Ganesha.
  • Recitation of Ganesha Dwadasanama Stotra.
  • Reciting of Ketu Mantras as mentioned above.
  • Charity: Donate brown cloths, blanket, black mustard seeds to beggars and feed black dog on Thursdays.
  • Fasting: On Thursdays.
  • Pooja: Ganesh pooja.
  • Rudraksh: Wear Nine Mukhi (Nine Faced) Rudraksh.