How to improve the strength of weak Venus in your birth chart?

Venus is a constructive planet that represents beauty, romance, feeling of love, pleasure, creativity, arts, music, dance, other creative talents and leisure activities. Venus does not like dominance or command and that’s why it represents those matters that may not affect our life or survival capacities in a direct tone but certainly influences life in a beautiful way.

Venus in itself is a beautiful mind that inspires people to live life in an organised and fine looking way. When it goes weak in an individual’s horoscope, native can follow few directives to make it strong-

  • Start dressing up nicely and follow hygiene. Remember Venus is beauty that insists on living a life in an organised and attractive way. So you got to look well both in and out, such as taking bath everyday, following good hygiene, dressing up properly. These are few things that will help you to become better from venus’ perspective.
  • Organise your home– One of the possible ways to make your Venus strong is by organising your place where you live. People having spare money can decorate their place in a fine looking manner, for those who have limitation can organise their place by keeping it clean and organised. A clean and an organised place attracts a lot of vibrance and positive vibes and is considered beautiful in its own way.
  • Avoid getting into clashes and criticism. These are strictly not the traits that Venus supports or represents, so try to work on your mental proposition as well and try to exhibit a good behavior. Have you ever seen an artist getting into fights, arguments or conflicts often? No, right? Since they are all diving in the pool of Venus qualities. We are human beings and sometimes becoming a part of conflicts and clashes is natural, however if it keeps happening continuously one may lose his inner beauty and his mind might end up becoming a troublesome. Try to strengthen your aura and learn to remain positive.
  • Learn some creative thing- Break the monotony and engage yourself in some creative task that helps you to bring out your creative instincts. This way your thoughts process will start improving and qualities of Venus will make a way in your life.

Predicting Death Through Astrology

Death becomes a very questionable and debatable subject when it comes to predicting the one. As per my understanding, an astrologer can only predict the possible periods of death, where he sees the fall of health or sudden harmful events. Refer to the points below to understand the state and possibility of death period-

  1. Period of Marakesh- Period of Marakesh sometimes results in death, however it will be very wrong to conclude the period of Marakesh as the one causing death. Marakesh period often results in offering mental, physical or financial issues. Death is one of the possibilities during Marakesh. All apsects need to be considered before predicting any related possibility.
  2. Transits of malefic through 6,8,12 house.
  3. Transits of evil planet in lagna in unfavorable aspects.
  4. Period of a planet creating shadashtak yoga in birth chart can sometimes lead to death or death like situations in life.
  5. Period of 2nd lord in 12th lord (Antardasha of 2nd lord in 12th lord’s Mahadasha)– This often has been observed as a period full of health issues that can question one’s life.
  6. Presence of Balarishta yoga and other Arishta yoga can question one’s life. So an astrologer should check the period of planets creating such yoga in birth chart.
  7. When one has to observe the day of someone’s death, (which I personally don’t feel one should do), one should check all the dashas of days nearing. This will include Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantardasha and Sookshma Dasha. Every minor dasha is capable of giving you an idea of the minor and major possibility of death like situations.
  8. I am not truly in support of predicting death events. Few things should stay under the wrap and death in astrology is one of those subjects, that I still find too sensitive and unpredictable.

Strong Moon – Happy Me | Weak Moon – Sad Me

The position of moon in birth chart can help native to analyse and understand his mental and emotional composition along with indicating signs of depression and anxiety, if any.

Moon represents mind and rules our emotions. To understand better I will give you an example. As a kid, when most of us used to come home, first thing we wanted to do was to see our mother. And a kid would get fussy, if he found out that his mother was not present at home. Why ?? Because as a child, after long and tough day at school we immediately wanted our mental and emotional need to be taken care of in the form of greetings and love from mother , and which nobody else can take care better than a mother. Now, let’s suppose, your mother has not been sharing a good relation with you and somewhat you could not depend on her for your emotional needs in the early childhood. If that would have happened, you certainly would have felt emotionally lost and imbalanced. So when moon becomes weak, it naturally indicates some struggle with your emotional requirements and people are prone to feel upset and sad more often.

Those born in Shukla paksha are considered to have better emotional and mental strength than Krishna Paksha, however just claiming the strength of a planet on the basis of tithi, will not offer accuracy in results. Strong moon and an unafflicted moon gives a good mental composition. Person will naturally be enthusiastic and stay happy and relaxed. Wherein when moon becomes weak and is afflicted, it can result in a weak thought process, offering native sadness and tendency to become upset and negative more often in situations. So first check the state of moon and 4th house lord. Since 4th house represents our peace of mind and general happiness.

Secondly, check the status of sun in the chart. Sun when weakly placed, for example when sun is debilitated in lagna, it is considered to be offering state of sadness and fearfulness to native,when he comes across some difficult situation in life. And I have verified this opinion amd rule quite often while performing readings. Sun represents soul and is a significator of energy and a vision in native. So even when sun gets afflicted or is weakly positioned,it can result in offering a state of sadness or a weak mental stature.

Status of Venus needs to be considered, while concluding results about native’s mental and emotional composition. Venus is a constructive planet and when it is well placed native does not really stick to state of sadness for a long. They alway look for a way out and get busy with something that works like a mental stimulation for them. Venus however when becomes lagna lord and is placed in the 7th house, it makes native ‘shokakul’, means native can feel sad about one or the other thing in life.

There are no yogas for depression, there are yogas that indicate mental and emotional suffering and struggle. For example, if native’s Saturn is afflicted and is in conjunction with moon, it can make person feel sad in some or the other way, however how he reacts to situations, will depend on his personal development and outlook towards life. Strong lagna lord indicates good growth in native’s perspective towards life and efforts to fulfill his goal and above all ability to combat sadness. Depression is probably a state where your mind functions in a way, which is not helpful for your existence and growth. A conjunction of Rahu, Mars and Saturn in the twelfth house can offer state of deep stress and a destructive thoughts process. But even in this situation if lagna or lagna lord becomes strong, native might get addicted to sadness in some definite periods of life but he will overcome the complexities of life gradually.

Lagna – The most important house in our birth chart!

Every house in the birth chart is unique and carries its own significance, elaborating the scope of different spaces that influence and facilitate our existence. Among all the houses, Lagna, which is the first house in birth chart reflects utmost importance. Your mind, your thoughts, your approach and your vision are the most important aspects when it comes to making choices in life and making efforts to fulfill the same. Our lagna defines us and so lagna seems to be one of the most important houses in birth chart.

A story can explain it well-

There were two scholars, let’s name them Rob and Jule. Rob got admission in one of the best schools and was facilitated well by all the sources that could help him to acquire good academic education. Jule was bright but could not make to the best school, as he could not afford it. Rob was a good student and was taking tution class from a very qualified teacher, who made things easy for him to prosper in studies. Jule was equally good, but again could not afford such an expensive tutor and so he opted to take just a basic tution to attain clarity in the subject. But here it was more like Jule had to struggle to understand concepts on his own, since the tutor was not that well versed. Rob used to secure usually well in the beginning, and Jule was performing above average and not upto his expectation. Realising this, Jule started giving more time to self study system and worked hard to research back and clear concepts in his head. Gradually Jule’s scores started improving a lot, for which his teachers appreciated him.

Rob was doing well, but one fine day his tutor conveyed that he won’t be able to continue teaching him, since he made to some other full time job. Rob kept doing well for few days, but slowly his scores begin to drop as he lacked motivation, which he naturally felt while studying under his former tutor. He got a new tutor, but his style of teaching was different and so Rob was struggling to focus in his session. Jule had already learned to struggle with a tutor, who was not so good with his style of teaching and concepts, so Jule kept on working way too hard on his own and tried putting enormous amount of efforts to score well. Jule was technically not dependent on anyone’s guidance anymore and was able to grasp things faster.

With Rob things became different since he changed couple of tutors and became demotivated, because no one could teach like his former tutor. Also Rob missed the friendship and the level of comfort that he shared with his tutor. Since Rob was more prone to look for guidance even in the normal course of study forms, he found it hard to operate independently. Sadly for a year he could not come across a very good tutor (as per as his expectation) and he ended up performing average. Whereas Jule was growing each day, learning well and one day he outperformed the highest scorer in his standard. He also emerged as very confident and a self motivated scholar. So to explain the significance of other houses, Rob’s story looks more relevant and to explain the significance of good lagna and lagna lord Jule’s story fits in .