It’s Moonday! Let’s Talk About Weak Moon In A Horoscope



Moon represents our mind and when mind is weak, everything goes for a toss!

Numerous scenarios in a horoscope indicate weak moon and when moon is vulnerable in a birth chart, native will be seen experiencing the following problems-

  1. Confusion and Indecisiveness – Moon is the fastest moving heavenly body in our solar system and its influence ensures high movement in one’s thought process. Wavering mind is one of the negative effects of a weak moon. It hampers the decision making ability and native stays in the state of confusion. He may find it difficult to stick to his decisions, since he keeps changing his mind more often.
  2. Reduced emotional intelligence – Moon represents our emotions and its affliction can result in emotional imbalance further causing mental and emotional issues such as anxiety, stress, cowardliness, confused state of mind etc.
  3. Problem in the area of mother– Moon represents mother and mother is considered as a source of love who fulfills our emotional needs and offers mental strength. Weak moon indicates some problem in the space of mother.
  4. Negative attitude and approach– A weak moon in the birth chart offers pessimism to native. Person with a weak moon may have low confidence, low self-esteem and he might struggle to secure optimism in life. A lot of people think negative before starting any job/task and that is seen as one of the most common effects of a weak moon. Person with a weak moon finds difficult to overcome negative thoughts and negative approach in life.
  5. Water related diseases – Water is the element of moon, and a weak moon can make native sensitive towards diseases that happen through water such as TB, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea etc.

Role of Mars As Per Astrology


  • Mars represents warrior and warrior believes in taking action to win the situation. So the major attribute which Mars represents is a fighting capability to overcome the hurdles in life.
  • Mars is not lazy in nature since mars represents muscle in the body. Development of muscle in our body accounts to physical fitness and strength as muscle stores energy. The very reason, why we perform the remedies for Mars in the name of lord Hanuman is that Lord Hanuman represents most of the attributes of the planet Mars. From fearlessness, warrior qualities to a strong bodily constitution and straight forwardness, Lord Hanuman contains all these qualities of Mars. He is said to have been born on Tuesday as well. “Mangal ko Janme, Mangal hi karte, Mangal main bhagwan”.
  • Mars represents blood and if Mars is afflicted and getting weak in a chart, person is prone to blood related issues in any form.
  • Mars represents sexual energy in a person since it represents all the active forms of energy and sexual energy is not passive in nature, it is the most active forms of energy. Mars is a pure male form of energy which believes in straightforwardness, winning the situations, taking action along with representing sexual drive and stamina.
  • Mars represents adventure and sports. Reason- because the one who is not fearful will be interested in taking part in adventure and the person who is physically fit wishes to flirt with his energy in the form of sports.
  • Mars is considered good for professional matters, if it is well placed in a chart. Strong Mars is capable of making person a good enterpreneur, journalist, sports person etc. One special quality of a good placement of Mars is that a person with good Mars believes in converting his ideas quickly without wasting a time.
  • It also represents cruel intention, killing instinct in a person and a mind to perform bad deeds. In short Mars makes one strongheaded as well as hotheaded. What effect it is casting upon a person will depend on his placement of Mars.

Do you have Neechbhanga Rajyoga in Horoscope? Find it now !

In astrology, there are signs where planets get debilitated which in Hindi means “neecha” and termed as powerless and when such debility gets annulled by some special planetary alignments then it is called as Neechabhanga and when such “neecha bhanga” converts into raja yoga then it is called as “neechabhanga rajyoga”.

Clearly, there is a difference between neechabhanga and necchabhanga raj yoga.

In simple words, Neechabhanga Rajyoga is a state where a planet in a state of Neechabhanga achieves capabilities to bless a native with the rise in life.

Sages have given some combinations where a planet overcomes the weakness due to its debilitation.

Rules Which Converts Neechbhang Into Neechbhanga Rajyoga

As per Phaladeepika, following parameters should be checked to find if a debilitated planet is getting Neechabhanga or not.

1. Ruler of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet is in a Kendra position from the Moon or the Lagna.

Example suppose your Venus is debilitated which means it is in Virgo. Then the lord of Virgo which is Mercury should be in Kendra i.e houses 1,4,7,10 from ascendant or from Moon.

2. The ruler of the sign where the debilitated planet achieves exaltation is in a Kendra position from the Moon or Lagna.

Example If your Mars is debilitated which means Mars is in Cancer sign. Now Mars gets exalted in the sign of Capricorn whose lord is Saturn.Therefore to have cancellation of debilitation Saturn should be Kendra house i.e 1,4,7,10 from ascendant or from Moon.

3. If the ruler of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet aspects the planet.

Example If Saturn is debilitated which means it is in Aries then to achieve cancel of debilitation Mars needs to aspect Saturn.

4. The planet which will be exalted in the sign where a planet is getting debilitated is present in a Kendra from the Moon or the Lagna.

Example If Jupiter is debilitated which means it is a sign of Capricorn.Now Mars achieves exaltation in a sign of Capricorn and therefore Mars should be present in Kendra houses 1,4,7,10 from ascendant or from Moon to give cancel of debilitation to Jupiter.

5. If the debilitated planet is exalted in the Navamsha.

This is a common but a major rule since navamsa is a micro chart and holds the essence of D-1, therefore, planets placement needs to be checked here properly.

6. When a debilitated and exalted planets are in the same sign.

Example, Venus is in Virgo with Mercury. Here Venus is debilitated whereas Mercury is exalted giving Neechabhanga to Venus.

•There are many renowned personalities who have debilitated planets but still, they achieved a lot in their life.

•As per traditional texts, 2 or more planets in the sign of their debilitation makes one sick, poor and immoral.

But if you see horoscope likes of famous painter Pablo Picasso.

You will find 6 planets in debilitation this makes us wonder what really is happening here. Obviously, this needs more introspection and not to forget there are other factors also which works simultaneously apart from debilitation and exaltation of planets.

Usually out of 100 Neechabhanga only 2 or 3 converted to Neechabhanga Raj Yoga. Neechabhanga Raj Yoga is an asset for other Traditional Raj Yoga.

In Order to have full results of  Neechabhanga Raj Yoga, you need Rajyoga like Kendra – Tine or other powerful Special Rajyoga.

Neechabhanga Raj Yoga will never work in isolation. It is a yoga which helps you to take advantage of crisis just like Vipreet Rajyoga but to take advantage of such situations you need to possess some abilities better than others which come from Rajyoga like a relationship between Kendra and Trines house lords or other yogas like Panchmahapurush, Vishnu Yoga etc.

Mars – The only planet which refers to both good and bad in your life | Nature | Properties | Significations

The Mars in Hindu Mythology
Daksha, the king of entire earth once organized the greatest yagna and invited all gods, demigods, sages, and other famous personalities. He however did not invite Lord Shiva, his own son-in-law. When Sati, Lord Shiva’s wife heard about this yagna she left to attend it inspite her husband’s objections, but when she arrived there her father Daksha insulted Shiva. This was unbearable for Sati and she gave up her life.

On hearing the events that had taken place at Daksha’s yagna, Lord Shiva’s wrath reached its boiling point and in rage he pulled a hair from his matted locks and threw it on the ground and it became a fiery being of unequal strength with many heads and eyes, and thousands arms and legs. His mare sight was enough to strike unparallel fear in strongest of hearts. Lord Shiva named him Virabhadra and commanded him to destroy Daksha and his yagna and anyone who tries to stop him.

Virabhadra with Shiva’s army of spirits and goblins reached the venue of the yagna and seeing him and his army all started to run in different directions to save themselves. Virabhadra destroyed Daksha’s sacrifice, and then killed Daksha. Virabhadra returned to Shiva who was extremely pleased with him, and granted him a permanent place in the heavens as a planet and named him Angaraka (Mars), the fiercest of planets. As Lord Shiva directly produced Mars or Angaraka’s, he is naturally referred as son of Lord Shiva just like his other son Karttikeya and it is said that those afflicted by Mars should worship Karttikeya.

Basic Astrological facts about Mars
Gender of Mars: Masculine.
Mars is the karaka or significator of: Strength and Power.
Mars as relationship signifies: Siblings.
Planetary cabinet status of Mars: Army Commander.
Temperament of Mars: Violent, Angry and Rash.
Element governed by Mars: Agni or Fire.
Primary quality or guna of Mars: Tamo Guna or Dull or Ignorant.
Caste of the Mars: Kshatriya or Warrior.
Nature of Mars: Malefic.
Directional strength of Mars: In the Tenth House.
Directional weakness of Mars: In the Fourth House.Mars rules the zodiacal Sign: Aries and Scorpio.
Mars rules the zodiacal House: Natural astrological First and Eight houses.
Sign of exaltation of Mars: Capricorn.
Sign of debilitation of Mars: Cancer.
Determent or weak sign of Mars: Libra.
Mars’s friends are: Sun, Moon and Jupiter.
Mars’s enemy is: Mercury.
Mars is neutral with: Venus and Saturn.
Mars’s Vimshottari Dasha period: Seven Years.
Nakshatras or Lunar mansions governed by Mars areMrigashiraChitra and Dhanishta.Body part governed by Mars: The Chest.
Day of the week governed by Mars: Tuesday.
Direction ruled by Mars: East.
Season governed by Mars: Grishma or Summer season.
Metals governed by Mars: Copper.
Gemstone governed by Mars: Red Coral.
Substitute gemstones governed by Mars: Bloodstone.
Colors ruled by Mars: Blood Red.
Food and flavors governed by Mars: Things of bitter taste.
Geometrical shape governed by Mars: Hourglass.
Numbers as per Numerology governed by Mars: 9, 18, 27, 36 and all those that adds up to nine, are governed by it.Positive key words for Mars: Courage, Energy, Activity, Initiative, & Originality.
Negative key words for Mars: Arrogant, Aggressive, Headstrong, Selfish & Impulsive.

Body parts, function and diseases governed Mars
Mars is associated with our physical and energy levels It is the natural significator of muscles, without Mars one cannot move a muscle and it is the energizer and stimulator of all aspects of our bodies. In terms of body parts and health problems Mars signifies head and reproductive organs due to its ownership of Aries and Scorpio, the natural first and eight houses of the zodiac. It governs muscular system, adrenal and prostate gland, blood – specifically red blood cells and thus signifies any disease related to blood disorders, such as anemia, blood poisoning etc. Any type of blows, cuts, accident, wounds and surgery are signified by Mars. Headaches including migraine headaches, brain fevers and any type of inflammation, high fever and rapid temperature increases are also governed by Mars. As Mars also rules over the reproductive system it governs most diseases related to them like hemorrhoids, piles, diseases of the reproductive system, bladder, and venereal diseases. If Mars is well placed and aspected then one can quickly bounce back from sickness and have good recuperating powers and stamina.

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Professions governed by the Mars
People working in departments or trade related to police, army, firemen, security guards, weapons, ordnance, firearms, ammunition, artillery, inflammable substance and anything that is volatile, needs physical power including any fast, active and contact sports. Surgeons, radiologists, pathologist, technicians, mechanics and repair workers of any kind of machine, electronics and electrical systems, construction workers, iron and steel workers, butchers and barbers. Manufacturer or traders in acids, metal melting industries, furnaces etc.

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Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, growth, generosity, wisdom through interacting with other people and the world, higher learning, religion, law, and philosophy. It’s one of the beneficial planets. It makes easier whatever it touches. So, when it goes retrograde, the energy goes backward and inward, but it doesn’t deny benefits. They just don’t manifest in the way you might expect, and they don’t manifest outwardly. However, if you can roll with a few disappoints or hard knocks, a retrograde Jupiter will give you treasure that you can never lose and will never dull or fade.

In a way, Jupiter Retrograde can seem like a Saturn transit. The difference is that Saturn doesn’t give. It only takes. When it’s done, it leaves an empty place where you can build or place something new. Jupiter Retrogrades bring something new or build something new, usually a new attitude or outlook.

Jupiter Retrogrades in the Future

Jupiter goes retrograde on average about once a year and lasts about three to five months.
In 2018, it will go retrograde from March 8“ June 9 in Scorpio.This may seem to be a long period, but if you look back on your life, there were probably streaks when nothing seemed to work out as planned and yet you came out the better. Incidentally, Jupiter Retrogrades may coincide with times where you didn’t get what you wanted, but got what you needed. In the end, you would much rather have the blessing Jupiter Retrograde gave you than to have gotten what you wanted.

For example:

– During a Jupiter retrograde, a young woman realizes her long-term crush will not love her back. During this time, she learns to value herself and what she has to offer. In the end, she’s the object of desire.

– During a Jupiter retrograde, a man who was once a rich playboy feels sorry for himself because he’s lost all of his money. Just when he thinks his life is over, for the first time in his life, he meets a woman who loves him for who he is and not what he can buy her.

– During a Jupiter retrograde, a woman suddenly changes her plans from wanting to move to a big city to getting a job in the small city she hates living in. She doesn’t get the job and is forced to move. When she gets to the big city, she gets a great job, makes friends, and finds a great boyfriend.

– During a Jupiter retrograde, a man doesn’t make partner at his law firm. He realizes that what he really wants is to strike out on his own. He starts his own firm and within eight years, he’s winning multi-million dollar verdicts.

When a Door Closes, a Window Opens

Jupiter Retrograde isn’t like Mercury Retrograde. It doesn’t actually screw up things. It doesn’t make messes, and it doesn’t make things stop working. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have bad luck for three months, or you don’t get a raise, or you do poorly in university studies, or that you get stranded on your overseas vacation. It actually means that all of the expansion, luck, growth, winning, and good things that happen with Jupiter happen on the inside. This can mean a few things.

Literally, it could mean you don’t burn the calories you’re putting in and you start to grow, from the inside out. It’s always a good idea to watch your diet during a Jupiter Retrograde. In fact, if you’re starting a restrictive diet or a new eating lifestyle, one of the best times to do it is during a Jupiter Retrograde. Jupiter likes to indulge in the finer things, but it’s easier to be picky during the Retrograde and to say no to indulgences.

But more likely, you’re growing as a person. You’re maturing, and it’s not the coming-of-age that warms the heart, but the kind that breaks it. You don’t get what you want when you want it, but what you do get is often unexpected and much better. How this will happen in your life depends on where Jupiter is going retrograde.
For example, if transiting Jupiter is going retrograde through your 7th house, your relationships may not go so smoothly, but you will get something out of it. You might endure a hardship with your partner that brings the two of you closer together. Or, you may realize they aren’t right for you and you find someone who is right for you. Or, you may find that you make professional partnerships with people you wouldn’t have worked with before, but in the end, it works out well for you.

You didn’t want the experience, but the experience enriches your life in a way you couldn’t have created for yourself.

How to Work With Jupiter Retrograde

It’s best to not start something new during a retrograde, especially if it requires dealing with the world outside your own mind. However, anything you have been turning over in your brain but hasn’t committed to paper or any other material form of manifestation isn’t forbidden. It will work out, even though it may take some trial and error to get it how you want it, and you may not complete it during the retrograde.
It’s also a good idea to not force things out in the world. If something doesn’t work out, it’s best not to fight it if you don’t have to fight. If you find out that say, the dream job you applied and interviewed for went to someone else over you, don’t keep demanding explanations or references, or to be kept in mind if the job opens up. Something better is coming along, and it may be something you couldn’t have imagined getting. Even if it feels as if the universe is kicking your ass down the sidewalk, you still being pushed in a particular direction. Go in that direction, because what you think you want is not always what you really want.

Jupiter Retrograde: Getting What You Actually Want, Not What You Merely Think You Want

Jupiter retrograde makes you grow from the inside out. It works with what is really going on inside of you, and what you really want and desire. You may think you want something but it may not be what you truly, actually want. For example, you may want to be rich. In reality, you’re not, and it may be because you don’t actually want to do the things that would lead you to garner wealth, or to make the sacrifices involved. Not having a demanding career or business certainly frees you up for other things. Or, you may actually desire the avoidance of failure more, and that is why you don’t do the things that would let you gain wealth. Jupiter Retrograde forces you to confront your actual desires so you can address the issues.

Imagine that you try to get into a top medical program at an elite university. The competition is fierce, and you have to endure it. Your parents want you to go there and become a doctor. Your teachers expect you to go there. You have assumed that you would go there. You do everything you can to make yourself the best candidate possible. But, you just don’t get in. You’re devastated. In the meantime, you feel lost. Everything you thought you wanted is not going to happen. You think your life is over.

One day, you’re walking down the street and you see a flyer for an audition for a play. You figure you have nothing better to do, and you’re curious. Acting? You have nothing to lose, so you’re not nervous when you audition. You get the part. As you practice, you realize that you love acting. You realize that this is what you really, truly want to do. You’re good at it, and moreover, you want to get better at it, and you enjoy doing it. It is what you really want.

You then realize that the entire time you were trying to be a good student, a good child, and make people happy by trying to become a doctor, you were just playing a role, just the way an actor would.

That’s the Jupiter Retrograde blessing.

During the Retrograde, focus on what you really want. That may scare the hell out of you. You may realize that you’re not living the life you want, or you’re not going for what you really want. You may have to make some changes. This is the time to do that. Don’t fight any disappoints that happen. Just accept them as blessings that keep you from doing more of the wrong thing.


Astrology can help you in analysing your twin flame journey!


There are thousands of articles on twin flame flooding all over the internet, however we have heap of mental trinklets when it comes to recognizing the one. Astrology is one of the few sciences which can help you in discovering and identifying your twin flame. But first, let us understand everything from the beginning about the phenomenon of twin flame and then will move to the angle of astrology in your twin flame journey.

What happens when you are in the process of meeting your twin flame?

Whenever you are ready to meet your twin flame the Universe will show you signs that perfect love is possible after all. Karmic relationships with devastating ends that taught you hard lessons will make you desire the one who’s meant for you.

You see someone sharing a similar thought process

Coincidences will surround the first meeting between two twin souls and it will be unexpected and unusual, where and how you meet. You will recognize each other at a soul level and will be stunned by how similar your likes and dislikes are. It’s like looking at a reflection of you. You may not belong to the same age group, same city, or culture but you will notice how uncannily similar your major life events are. The meeting will help you heal and accelerate the process of spiritual enlightenment.

Intensity of feeling the love and falling into it.

The initial attraction is an all-consuming one and the joy of meeting your twin will make you feel ecstatic. You feel happier than ever before and become aware of yourself. You will try to resist this bond by trying to rationalize it in your head, but you will fall anyway hook, line and sinker.

The bond develops at a very fast rate and you feel like you have known this person all your life and you finish each other’s sentences and are even able to know what the other is thinking on a sub conscious level. There is no place for lies or deception in this relationship, as there’s nothing in the world you can hide from your twin. You will find yourself sharing a part of you that you have never in your wildest dreams thought you’d share with anyone.

A period of Separation

If one or both twins have not resolved their Karma yet, a period of separation is possible. One of them will become the runner and one will be the chaser. In most cases, it is the man who runs and the woman who chases. But there are instances of women running away from such a bond too. The intensity is unbearable and the process of cleansing is a painful one. The runner knows he loves her deeply, but he still decides to run for reasons unknown to him. Not all are spiritually enlightened enough to understand what’s happening to them and why their life comes to a stop upon meeting this person who seems to be always in the back of their mind. Even when you try to keep yourself distracted, you never stop feeling the connection with your twin.

This is a very painful phase at the human level. The chaser is heartbroken and cannot believe that the runner has left her alone and walked away from such a perfect relationship. She tries to make sense of his behavior but she finds no answer. She runs after him and tries to make him see how perfect life can be, but it’s all in vain. The more she tries to win him back, the further away he will run from her. He never stops loving her, not even for a moment, but doubts will creep in and he fears the loss above all. He worries about the eventual heartbreak and runs away to experience what he has known as normalcy all his life. During this phase, he may even try to forget her by forming new bonds with other people but in the end, nothing will satisfy him as deeply as the passionate and unconditional love of his twin.

The running continues for a long time and may even last years or the reunion may not happen in this lifetime. It all depends upon how soon both these twins resolve their individual karma by letting go of past residue.

Coming together again, and this time bond looks more real and mature

Very rarely, twin flames do meet in the physical plane and this is when they decide to get married and start their life together to achieve a higher purpose. Twin souls are said to have taken birth to work for some higher cause and there’s more to this relationship than the fairytale romance. Both partners have to be spiritually enlightened in order to meet in this lifetime.

Eternal love and spiritual connection

Those who do meet their twin soul can experience love in its most glorious form. It’s sacred and it’s the kind that never fades. You understand each other on all levels. Your physical chemistry with your twin is unmatched by anything you have ever experienced before. You may experience a Kundalini awakening when you make love to your twin, and your heart chakra will open up and this is only the beginning of eternal bliss.

Analyse your twin flame relationship and journey with astrological readings

Planets influence the journey of twin flame, and because of which you meet your twin flame in the very period which is decided by the Universe. You even fall in love and face separation sometimes because of certain planetary movements. Astrology can guide you by analysing the weight of your Karma and help you with appropriate solutions which can facilitate your dream of meeting your better half. Find assitance for twin-flame readings here!

Keep Calm, it’s Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde December 2017

Mercury stations retrograde on December 3, 2017 at 29°18′ Sagittarius. Mercury aligns with an esoteric star in Constellation Draco the Dragon. However, the strongest influence is a conjunction to Saturn. This is generally a challenging influence but positive aspects to Mars and Uranus will make Saturn less restrictive and more expressive.

Mercury conjunct Saturn brings critical thinking which is best applied to serious or challenging mental work. Without a productive outlook for your intellect, your mind may dwell on negatives. Such negative thinking can lead to depression and difficulties communication. Harsh or critical words can cause relationships problems like coldness, isolation or rejection.

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Mercury retrograde compounds the problem of negative thinking. There is a feel of a difficult Mercury–Saturn aspect about Mercury retrograde. Therefore, Mercury retrograde 2017 conjunct Saturn means darker thoughts, a morbid outlook and melancholy. It makes communication more difficult because of abruptness, nasty words and arguments.

The key to dealing with this heaviness is positive thinking and keeping your mind busy. When dealing with others it is more important than ever to listen carefully and think twice before speaking. What you may think is friendly teasing will likely be hurtful to others. A simple multiplication error or spelling mistake could have serious consequences.

It is important to show respect, especially for authority, tradition and your ancestors. Retrograde motion and Saturn are both associated with the past. This means you can use your memories and experience to solve problems and find practical applications for your ideas. This is a good for past life regression, passing on your knowledge, paying back or collecting old debts, writing your will and for handing down family heirlooms.

Mercury retrograde December 2017 conjunct Saturn will also make other general Mercury retrograde problems worse, especially transport problems such as travel delays and restrictions. Communication and technology breakdowns could range from losing your cell phone to massive internet hacks and interruptions in satellite transmissions.To know more, click here!

Beautiful Reality of Ketu

The shadow planet Ketu has been trying to tell us many things. It keeps telling us everyday that we need to liberate ourselves and rise above the materialistic aspect of this matrix. However we are so much inclined towards fulfilling wordly desires, that we fail to realise that every second we are getting close to death and refusing to grow spiritually. Ketu with strong placement in the chart introduces native to the true purpose of life in the early age.  Because of this a person with positive placement of Ketu tends to waste less time in experiencing materialistic facet of the world and chooses to utilise this birth for spiritual transformation.

Ketu is all about making terms with the reality of life!

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Reality is hard to digest and when Ketu pokes us during its period we feel lost, detached and begin to seek peace and don’t feel like chasing wordly things. Ketu tries to indicate during its dashas that we need to work on our portions of Karma .  It compels us towards getting close to the state of nothingness and experience the energy which liberates us from our Karmic cycle.

 Person going through the period of Ketu begins to feel everything from depth, which helps improving  the emotional connectivity with real things. Distractions, drama and superficial things will not interest native with strong Ketu, which is why people with positive aspect of Ketu in their charts are usually mocked in their arena in the first half, for carrying a simple and straightforward approach in life. This part gets equipped with introspection and struggle of understanding thoughts and one’s own personality. In the later part, these folks understand that they are on the right track and are blessed with a vision which will enhance their overall spiritual progress.

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Remedies for Ketu to be performed if Ketu is not well placed in the horoscope


  • Worshiping of Lord Ganesha.
  • Recitation of Ganesha Dwadasanama Stotra.
  • Reciting of Ketu Mantras as mentioned above.
  • Charity: Donate brown cloths, blanket, black mustard seeds to beggars and feed black dog on Thursdays.
  • Fasting: On Thursdays.
  • Pooja: Ganesh pooja.
  • Rudraksh: Wear Nine Mukhi (Nine Faced) Rudraksh.


Mercury transit in Scorpio and its effects on your life!

Mercury Transit in Scorpio ( 2nd November, 2017)

Mercury known as the Planet of Communication, comprises of domains of wit, intellect, communication and awareness. Mercury is a dual administrator of signs Gemini and Virgo. The planet Mercury determines our logical and reasoning ability, thus our thought process and our expressions are commanded by the Planet Mercury. Mercury circumambulates around possibilities, opinions, and the capability to vindicate the things. Mercury entreats us to express and showcase our perspectives as the time demands for. Writing, speaking, learning, and communication fall in the realm of the Planet Mercury.

Year 2017 will witness the transit of Mercury in the sign Scorpio at 00:54 AM on 2nd of November, and this transit will outstretch till 14:09 PM on 24th of November. This Mercury transit will leave innumerable effects on all the 12 Zodiac Signs. Let us have a peek on the impact of this transit, and how it will affect the lives of people belonging to different Zodiac Signs.


The Planet Mercury will move into your 8th house. During this transit period, you might experience a gain in wealth. Seeking loan from bank or from miscellaneous sources is predicted. An inclination towards spirituality might increase and you might get apt towards mantras and occult sciences. Probable health issues to the siblings is presaged and you might face impediments in your undertakings. To refrain yourself from health issues, you need to take proper care of yourself, as health problems are likely. The onset of this transit might bring about unplanned and unintentional journeys. Moreover, your spouse might receive some gains.

Remedy: Donate green vegetables on Wednesdays.


The Planet Mercury will transit into your 7th house. During this transit period, you would be inclined towards making your domestic life peaceful and harmonious. Moreover, good conversations would add essence and gist in your domestic and love life. A plan for love marriage is in your cards, but hindrances might come your way regarding the same. In order to seek better opportunities and prospects, you might look for a job change. The transit of Mercury would enhance your intellect and your spouse might achieve something big. In this transit period, children would be comfortable. However, keep a check on your expenses, as expenditures might upswing a bit.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hari Vishnu and lit camphor lamp in front of him.


The Planet Mercury will move into your 6th house. In this transit period, your health might decline, so you need to take proper care of yourself. Debates and disputes would be the nucleus of your attention, as you would be involved in them. Though, a lot of hindrances might occur at work, but your sincerity and hard work would pay for you. Meeting your maternal relatives is presaged and your expenses might experience as surge. Although, you would face troubles through your opponents, but in the end you would supercede them all.

Remedy: Donate jaggery on Tuesday.


The Planet Mercury will move into your 5th house. A sense of high determination would persist in you in this transit period. You will have good communication skills and a boost in your intellect is presaged. An inclination towards your hobbies and an urge to develop it is foreseen. Studying in abroad is predicted and health issues to children are likely. There might be some understanding and compatibility issues in your love life, but in the end everything would be in full swings. Aggrandizement in the status of your spouse is prophesied. Apart from this, a new or a novice relationship might kick off.

Remedy: Donate green clothes to Mausi, Bua or Aunty.


The Planet Mercury will transit into your 4th house. The transit of Mercury would bring happiness and prosperity in your domestic life. You might spend over household activities or in making your family members happy. Misunderstandings and tiffs between you and your family members is prevised. Buying a new house is prognosticated and moreover, you might receive gains through property. This transit period would bring about a good time to enjoy for your mother. In order to meet your expectations and goals, you would excel at your workplace.

Remedy: Take blessings from transgender.


The Planet Mercury will move into your 3rd house. During this transit period, you would witness a boost in your passion, anger, determination and communication skills. In the course of this period, you might look for a change in job. You would be supportive towards your siblings and friends. However, some issues would be still there. Making new friends and meeting new people is predicted and social status of your spouse might get elevated. Apart from this, short distance journeys are also portended.

Remedy: Wear ten faced Rudraksha around your neck.


The Planet Mercury will transit into your 2nd house. In this transit period, you would be sweet in your words and your speech would impress others. Moreover, you might also gain through your impressive speech. Gains from foreign land is also presaged along with several monetary gains. Look after your spouse, as health issues might bother your spouse. Sincerity and hard work would lead you to success in your career. Refrain yourself from getting into arguments. An effective oversight of financial matters is required in order to control the expenses.

Remedy: Worship Lord Buddha and offer green fodder to cows.


The Planet Mercury will move into your own sign. During this transit period, your focal point would be on increased earnings. There would be an elevation in your status and multiple gains are presaged. Attending social gatherings is foreseen and some arguments with brothers or friends is predicted. This transit period might bring forth mental distress for you, so you need to be calm and composed in your disposition. However, a long awaited wish of yours might get fulfilled. Dominating over your opponents is the other side of the coin. Peace and bliss in your marital life is marked by this Mercury transit. You would enjoy working at your workplace. Moreover, you might face some health issues related to skin, blood, etc.

Remedy: Donate camphor on Tuesday at Shri Vishnu Temple.


The Planet Mercury will move into your 12th house. You would experience high expenditures and probably, you might go abroad for business or professional purpose. These expeditions to abroad would be fruitful for you. In this transit period, several disputes and arguments are probable . An elevation or rise in your career is presaged and your opponents might gain in strength simultaneously. Do not avoid health issues as the same can get transformed into severe complications.

Remedy: Donate green cardamom on Wednesday.


The Planet Mercury will transit into your 11th house. In this transit period, your potential efforts would result in your success. A feeling of accomplishing something would surround you as far as your undertakings are concerned. Though hurdles would come your way, but still you would emerge out with gains in wealth. A lot of benefits would be procured by you through rental properties. But, irrespective of all the things, your luck would support you and you would come across many opportunities for growth. You would experience a sense of improvement in your love life and there would be an increase in your friends and social circle. However, you would be successful in all the disputes and you would dominate your opponents.

Remedy: Wear Vidhara Mool either on your arm or your neck.


The Planet Mercury will transit into your 10th house. In this transit period, you would apply your intellect at work which would fetch you fruitful results. This transit period would mark your recognition and your mindwork. A harmonious domestic life is presaged. Sudden ups and downs in your career is predicted, and your spouse would enjoy all the comforts. At work, you might implement your intellect. Sudden and unplanned travel related to work is foreseen, and children might face some minor health issues.

Remedy: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotra.


The Planet Mercury will move into your 9th house. In this transit period, you might earn gains and respect through your spouse. Benefits through business partnerships and an enhancement in social status is presaged. Probable chances of receiving a prize is also predicted. You might develop an interest in writing and might plan for your higher education. Long journeys related to business or education is on the cards and health issues to mother is also foreseen.

Remedy: Feed cows with green fodder and jaggery.

Know more about your Mercury and its effects on your profession, finance and relationships!




Let’s talk about Malefic Venus and its effects!

Beauty, Love, Art, Pleasure, Money and Venus!
Venus and Purusharthas
Venus is a natural benefic who represents gentle and refined attributes in man. He can readily be classed next to natural benefic Jupiter. Of the four ends of human existence, viz.,Dharma (righteousness), Artha (attainment of riches), Kama (Love) and Moksha (Final Emancipation), Venus controls the third, viz., Kama. He represents lust (passion), wife, love affairs, sexual pleasures, family bliss, amiability, dress, music, dancing, authorship, poetical faculty, law, vitality, vehicles, jewellery etc. Pleasures and luxuries, arts and crafts, feelings and emotions are all under his control. He has dominion over the ovaries, eyes, generative system, semen and phlegm and over diseases like diabetes, syphilis and gonorrhea. He is Rajasic in nature (imperious disposition).
When Weak and Afflicted
According to the scriptures, Venus is Sukracharya, the undisputed leader and preceptor of the demons (Asuras). If Venus has no strength and is malefic in birth the native will have neither the sex urge nor affection towards anybody. He will not have the capacity for procreation or rather he will be impotent or imbecile. He will not appreciate art, music, literature and other fine arts. When powerful, well-placed and unafflicted in one’s horoscope, Venus gives one a harmonious and balanced marital life. He will be cheerful, popular, sociable and happy.
On the other hand, when weak, afflicted or ill- dignified, Venus turns out to be an outright malefic, causes a sense of frustration, disappointment in love affairs, domestic worries, loss of money and position, scandals, cutaneous eruptions, diabetes and venereal diseases.
Venus in quadrants (Kendras or angles) is welcome but ownership of quadrants Kendradhipati) or situation in unfavorable signs like Virgo or the 6th from the Ascendant or in unfavorable Nakshatras or Nakshatras of  malefics or association with malefics in one way or the other or is between malefics becomes afflicted or weak and changes his mild and gentle nature altogether to behave most cruelly. Similar is the case when malefics are posited in Chaturasra or the 4th and 8th houses from Venus. He is to some extent like the Moon who is a malefic when devoid of digital-power and like Mercury, who becomes a malefic directly when he comes into contact with other malefics. According to Dr. B.V. Raman: “In hundreds of horoscopes, it has been observed that Venus when afflicted has given rise to more than one legal wife'”?
With Malefics

Venus is an enemy of the Sun. Combustion (Moundhya) occurs when be is 10 degree behind the Sun.

Venus with the Sun • Makes one weak, afflicted and ill-dignified. Likely to have aversion to women (strivimukha) or be impotent, ill-luck in respect of one’s marriage: separation from the life-partner in one way or the other.
Afflicted Venus with the Sun (Karaka for father) • Indicates early death of father unless the Sun is powerful or aspected by strong benefics.
Venus with the Moon • Almost alike in nature and like two beautiful ladies, they are jealous of each other; they are both sensual and they both yield to temptation and emotions.
Venus and Moon in the Ascendant • In the horoscope of a female, will make her jealous and fond of happiness- . If the Moon is not powerful, a conjunction of the Moon and Venus may indicate adultery and the marriage of the native is likely to be unhappy; a second marriage is also probable.
Afflicted Venus with the Moon (Karaka for mother) • Indicates early death of one’s mother, unless the Moon is powerful or aspected by strong benefics.

Venus and Mars in the 7th aspected by Malefics • Since Venus is a Rajasic planet, he gets afflicted the moment he comes into contact with a Tamasic planet like Mars. Serious danger from dysentry. Mas rules the criminal and warring sensational feelings. In matrimonial matters it is a well known fact that Mars causes greater evil fan any other planet. If the influence of Mars on Venus is “patent, potent and unerring-, the native is sure to become too passionate  and adulterous : he may indulge in unnatural ways to gratify  his lust.

Venus and Mars Exchange Navamsas • Female native will be adulterous
A conjunction of Venus and Mars or their mutual aspect indicates discord in marital life. Of course, such a conjunction in the 2nd or the 7th from the Ascendant for girls born in Aries is said to do no harm. Yet it may be said that Mars mars the beauty of marriage. Mars in certain positions from Venus does away with the life of the spouse. This is called Kuja Dosha (Angaraka Dosha) which is particularly taken into consideration in marriage adaptability.
Venus and Saturn • Alpachakshus (one with small eyes). Venus and Saturn are friends but since Saturn is the “embodiment of idleness, which is the root cause of prostitution and libidinosity”, the association of Venus with Saturn in any manner gives bad results, unless such Venus is powerfully influenced by benefics. Ordinarily when Venus and Saturn are in conjunction, the matrimonial life of the native becomes unhappy and passes through many a disappointment and an insatiate sexual life. All the lovable qualities of Venus are likely to be neutralized through Saturnine contact. Saturn strongly depresses the sociability, liveliness and loveliness of Venus and makes him cruel.
insincere and selfish. The native of such a horoscope in which Venus is strongly influenced by Saturn will avoid pleasure, amusement, company and music or appreciate serious sad music. If a weak or afflicted or ill-placed Saturn aspects or is in association with or is aspected by weak or afflicted or ill-placed Venus, the native will taste the bitter fruits of Kemadruma Yoga.
Sign Results
When Venus is in Aries or Scorpio, ruled by Mars, he gets afflicted and makes the native licentious, sorrowful, fickle, irreligious, easy-going, selfish and extravagant. According to Brihat Jataka, Venus in Aries and Scorpio makes the native fond of other people’s women, lose money through their flattery and hater of his race. The affliction is greater when Venus is in Scorpio than in Aries. When Venus is in Scorpio, the native is likely to be “unjust, proud, disappointed in love and haughty”. In the Dasa of Venus posited in Scorpio, the native may have disappointments, especially in respect of love affairs, miseries and troubles, serious risks, misunderstandings with relations, friends and superiors in office, loss of wealth and property, mental affliction and derangement.
Venus in Cancer ruled by the Moon, makes on a bigamist , mendicant and timid person with full sexual passion and sorrow through it. In the Dasa of Venus posited in cancer there may be “Paroxysms of grief and terror, destruction of property, discontent with relations , increase of enemies, loss of wealth, disturbances to good work and some mental ease in the end. When in Leo ruled by the Sun, Venus makes one wayward, passionate, conceited, licentious, subservient to women, premature in conclusions and haughty with superiors airs. In the dasa of Venus posited in Leo, the native may have mental disease and sorrow, troubles from fire, poison and hurt, aimless wandering, domestic worries, “stigma on self respect due to mean fellows and inclination to conceal true identity”.
The most inauspicious sign for Venus is Virgo where he gets debilitated. If Venus is in the 5th house at 27 degree Virgo(extreme depression), the native becomes a beggar. According to Jataka Parijata:“If Venus be in his extreme depression, Raja yoga, if any, becomes futile”. Such natives in whose horoscopes Venus is in Virgo, will indulge in very mean acts. Such a Venus makes one “petty minded licentious, unscrupulous, sensuous,unhappy, unsuccessful and loquacious”. Aspected by malefics, Venus posited in Virgo,makes one a bachelor or remarry after separation form his first wife.In the Dasa of Venus posited in Virgo, one may have occasions to quarrel with one, spouse or suffer separation from the marital partner.
One is likely to mortgage all his properties and get trouble in the generative organ often leading to surgical operation. One may also have “symptoms of arthritis, troubles relating to nervous breakdown, mental unrest, separation from relatives and friends and much grief and sorrow.