Things you need to know about Mercury!

Wit and intellect are both represented by Planet Mercury. As the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs, Mercury impacts our reasoning and conveying abilities. The way we talk and act in a given circumstance and how our mind handles it decides how solid impact the planet has laid on us. As the planet offers us with a sharp mind, we begin to think mentally and things influence us profoundly.

Strong Mercury

A strong Mercury gives to us solid PR aptitudes. A local with a benefic mercury in their outline will have amazing relational abilities. They’ll have mind and astuteness; their knowledge would sparkle brilliantly with each activity and words they express.

Troubles with weak Mercury

A weak Mercury may flip around the greater part of this. Skin related ailments or contaminations will be a normal undertaking. Issues in mingling and conveying would influence the connections. With no legitimate thinking, you should depend on others to settle on choices for you.

There are many remedies available to strengthen the state of mercury in a birth chart. To state few-

  1. Native with weak mercury should feed cow with green vegetables, especially if native’s lagna lord is Mercury and is weak or afflicted in the chart.
  2. Native should consume green and leafy vegetables more often.
  3. Chanting Mantra ‘Om Bum Buddhaye Namah’ for 11 or 21 times everyday will be beneficial.
  4. Praying to Maa Durga will also prove to be beneficial for the one having weak mercury and is currently undergoing a period of planet mercury.
  5. Wearing emerald also helps, but only at the recommendation of an astrologer, since he will know whether wearing an emerald will turn out to be good for you or not.

However it is always recommended to consult an astrologer before you adopt to perform any of the remedies for any planet. For consultation and information please visit, for queries please write to

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