Strong Moon – Happy Me | Weak Moon – Sad Me

The position of moon in birth chart can help native to analyse and understand his mental and emotional composition along with indicating signs of depression and anxiety, if any.

Moon represents mind and rules our emotions. To understand better I will give you an example. As a kid, when most of us used to come home, first thing we wanted to do was to see our mother. And a kid would get fussy, if he found out that his mother was not present at home. Why ?? Because as a child, after long and tough day at school we immediately wanted our mental and emotional need to be taken care of in the form of greetings and love from mother , and which nobody else can take care better than a mother. Now, let’s suppose, your mother has not been sharing a good relation with you and somewhat you could not depend on her for your emotional needs in the early childhood. If that would have happened, you certainly would have felt emotionally lost and imbalanced. So when moon becomes weak, it naturally indicates some struggle with your emotional requirements and people are prone to feel upset and sad more often.

Those born in Shukla paksha are considered to have better emotional and mental strength than Krishna Paksha, however just claiming the strength of a planet on the basis of tithi, will not offer accuracy in results. Strong moon and an unafflicted moon gives a good mental composition. Person will naturally be enthusiastic and stay happy and relaxed. Wherein when moon becomes weak and is afflicted, it can result in a weak thought process, offering native sadness and tendency to become upset and negative more often in situations. So first check the state of moon and 4th house lord. Since 4th house represents our peace of mind and general happiness.

Secondly, check the status of sun in the chart. Sun when weakly placed, for example when sun is debilitated in lagna, it is considered to be offering state of sadness and fearfulness to native,when he comes across some difficult situation in life. And I have verified this opinion amd rule quite often while performing readings. Sun represents soul and is a significator of energy and a vision in native. So even when sun gets afflicted or is weakly positioned,it can result in offering a state of sadness or a weak mental stature.

Status of Venus needs to be considered, while concluding results about native’s mental and emotional composition. Venus is a constructive planet and when it is well placed native does not really stick to state of sadness for a long. They alway look for a way out and get busy with something that works like a mental stimulation for them. Venus however when becomes lagna lord and is placed in the 7th house, it makes native ‘shokakul’, means native can feel sad about one or the other thing in life.

There are no yogas for depression, there are yogas that indicate mental and emotional suffering and struggle. For example, if native’s Saturn is afflicted and is in conjunction with moon, it can make person feel sad in some or the other way, however how he reacts to situations, will depend on his personal development and outlook towards life. Strong lagna lord indicates good growth in native’s perspective towards life and efforts to fulfill his goal and above all ability to combat sadness. Depression is probably a state where your mind functions in a way, which is not helpful for your existence and growth. A conjunction of Rahu, Mars and Saturn in the twelfth house can offer state of deep stress and a destructive thoughts process. But even in this situation if lagna or lagna lord becomes strong, native might get addicted to sadness in some definite periods of life but he will overcome the complexities of life gradually.

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