Predicting Death Through Astrology

Death becomes a very questionable and debatable subject when it comes to predicting the one. As per my understanding, an astrologer can only predict the possible periods of death, where he sees the fall of health or sudden harmful events. Refer to the points below to understand the state and possibility of death period-

  1. Period of Marakesh- Period of Marakesh sometimes results in death, however it will be very wrong to conclude the period of Marakesh as the one causing death. Marakesh period often results in offering mental, physical or financial issues. Death is one of the possibilities during Marakesh. All apsects need to be considered before predicting any related possibility.
  2. Transits of malefic through 6,8,12 house.
  3. Transits of evil planet in lagna in unfavorable aspects.
  4. Period of a planet creating shadashtak yoga in birth chart can sometimes lead to death or death like situations in life.
  5. Period of 2nd lord in 12th lord (Antardasha of 2nd lord in 12th lord’s Mahadasha)– This often has been observed as a period full of health issues that can question one’s life.
  6. Presence of Balarishta yoga and other Arishta yoga can question one’s life. So an astrologer should check the period of planets creating such yoga in birth chart.
  7. When one has to observe the day of someone’s death, (which I personally don’t feel one should do), one should check all the dashas of days nearing. This will include Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantardasha and Sookshma Dasha. Every minor dasha is capable of giving you an idea of the minor and major possibility of death like situations.
  8. I am not truly in support of predicting death events. Few things should stay under the wrap and death in astrology is one of those subjects, that I still find too sensitive and unpredictable.

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