How to improve the strength of weak Venus in your birth chart?

Venus is a constructive planet that represents beauty, romance, feeling of love, pleasure, creativity, arts, music, dance, other creative talents and leisure activities. Venus does not like dominance or command and that’s why it represents those matters that may not affect our life or survival capacities in a direct tone but certainly influences life in a beautiful way.

Venus in itself is a beautiful mind that inspires people to live life in an organised and fine looking way. When it goes weak in an individual’s horoscope, native can follow few directives to make it strong-

  • Start dressing up nicely and follow hygiene.¬†Remember Venus is beauty that insists on living a life in an organised and attractive way. So you got to look well both in and out, such as taking bath everyday, following good hygiene, dressing up properly. These are few things that will help you to become better from venus’ perspective.
  • Organise your home– One of the possible ways to make your Venus strong is by organising your place where you live. People having spare money can decorate their place in a fine looking manner, for those who have limitation can organise their place by keeping it clean and organised. A clean and an organised place attracts a lot of vibrance and positive vibes and is considered beautiful in its own way.
  • Avoid getting into clashes and criticism. These are strictly not the traits that Venus supports or represents, so try to work on your mental proposition as well and try to exhibit a good behavior. Have you ever seen an artist getting into fights, arguments or conflicts often? No, right? Since they are all diving in the pool of Venus qualities. We are human beings and sometimes becoming a part of conflicts and clashes is natural, however if it keeps happening continuously one may lose his inner beauty and his mind might end up becoming a troublesome. Try to strengthen your aura and learn to remain positive.
  • Learn some creative thing-¬†Break the monotony and engage yourself in some creative task that helps you to bring out your creative instincts. This way your thoughts process will start improving and qualities of Venus will make a way in your life.

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