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Relationships counselling

For some people, their relationship with family or spouse is at ease, for others might be unpleasant and confusing. The whole correspondence of your nature and the state of relationship with others can be asserted by looking at your natal chart. Common scenarios such as not getting along well with siblings, failure in love relationships and not sharing peaceful terms with father or mother could be the outcome of malefic positioning of certain planets and stars in your horoscope. You don’t need to think much and worry about it. Best way to deal with it is by learning about your horoscope and acknowledging solutions to improve the state of personal relations in your life.

Human nature counselling

Do you know, the way you think and act is greatly influenced by your stars? Cosmic constellations have a huge affect over our three quotients, mainly Intelligence quotient, Social quotient and Emotional quotient. Few may not believe, but when a gifted astrologer reveals simple facts about people’s nature and personality simply by studying a birth chart, it knocks them as a surprise. Personality traits such as intelligence, emotional strength, sense of humor, anger, anxiety levels, mental stability, memory, etc. can be stated absolutely with exact foretell. Just like our body which is made from different elements, our stars are also composed of different energies and elements. Every planet has a certain affect and alignment at a particular time which gets passed on to an individual, at the time of his/her birth.

Education & Career counselling

Area of education and learning is dependent on the functioning and performance of our brain. Our interest in learning, our competence to earn education, choice of career, respective roles in career can be located by analyzing one’s horoscope. Pattern of education is greatly influenced by our planetary positions and its movements. Simple facts about, whether we emerge as more creative, analytical or technical can be brought on to the table with the help of astrology. Planets intend to influence mind of an individual, by affecting its energy and stamina. Before choosing specific career stream for your children, it is better to share a word with experienced astrologer, who can throw light on these grounds.

Hobbies & Interests counselling

We often remain unaware about our natural hobbies and interests; something we would really love to do and have inclination for, but somehow fail to recognize it. Our birth chart can talk about our hidden talents, flair for different arts & sports and many other activities. Venus is a star which rules art, writing, dance, music etc similarly its positioning in your horoscope, can inform about your interest in similar fields. Likewise if an individual’s horoscope indicates strong positioning of mercury in the house of communication, a person may turn out to be a good storyteller, orator, anchor and so on.


How We Operate

What’s on your mind? We are here to solve your riddles. Considering every area of your life, we are sure to offer the best of astrological help. Our knowledge, analytics, in-depth research and fortune-telling capabilities help us in guiding you with your personal affairs.

  • Get started by choosing a plan and providing correct birth details
  • Find assistance and information on your horoscope predictions over a phone call
Vedic astrology

Take control of your life

Give pause to over thinking and take a charge of your astrological issues. Astrohelp is a platform which helps you to ascertain the cosmic system and flow of your life, by reading your horoscope. Once you opt for the plan and help us with your birth details just sit back and relax, while we read, analyze and foresee your birth chart in detail. We make sure that we take our time, a day or couple of days to assist you with exact and detailed report.

  • Interactive sessions
  • Personalized report with detailed analysis
Indian astrologer

“Legal affairs are tricky, but can be dealt with wisdom and patience” I remember this was the exact thing you told me during our interaction. Thank god what you said and evaluated was true and I came out clean of my issue with god’s grace and your suggestions

Business Professional

I remember having reached out to you, when I was messing up with my relationship. It became an easy phase, since you made me look into the logics and facts which were so profound and real. Thankful to your deep work and suggested remedies. It actually worked

CEO @ Spotdefence

I never really believed in astrology, but the work of this young astrologer pushed me far ahead, by revealing facts about myself. Thanks a lot.

HR Professional

She not only told me confidently about my future occurrences but also gave me a fair assessment of my personality traits that were spot on, which really surprised me because there is no way she could have known who I am accurately after only a five minute phone conversation. She doesn't sugarcoat what she reads in the chart and tells it the way it is, which I appreciate because it makes me trust her.

Vrica Vij

The best part about her is that she tries to hear your concerns fully and then guides you in the best path without the use of any costly remedies. As people say a good guide is the most important to tread a difficult path. Ma'am is surely an example of such. I thank her immensely for helping me in my tough times!

Akshay Ray
Corporate Professional, Fiat India Automobiles

I consulted Astrohelp to know about my career sometime back. Right help from the right source always works for the better. Thank you for the powerful reading!

Media Professional

Plans & pricing


INR 500 /session

  • Consultation on 1 query
  • 10 min consultation time
  • One Time Support
  • Telephonic conversation
  • In-depth Analysis
  • Astro Recommendations


INR 2500 /session

  • Complete Horsocope Analysis
  • 25 min consultation time
  • One Time Support
  • Telephonic conversation
  • Present & future Dasha Analysis
  • Astro Recommendations


INR 5900 /session

  • Complete Horoscope analysis
  • 45 min Consulation Time
  • Detailed Horoscope Report
  • One Time Support
  • Telephonic or Video session
  • Present & future Dasha Analysis
  • Astro Recommendations & Remedy


INR 1500 /session

  • Psychological & Emotional Counselling
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • 25 min consultation time
  • One Time Support
  • Telephonic conversation

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